What’s Wrong With Cinemas?

You might also just as well also ask “what’s wrong with audiences?” Are they being trained out of going to the movies? If so do we have time to get them back? Whatever happens, the distribution and exhibition sector seems strangely quiet about the comings and goings of audiences…or am I just imagining it? This […]

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The last time I was at SXSW was 2007 – the year Kenny made it into the film program – they actually had to subtitle if for US audiences if I remember. Back then I was surprised how big the event was but…well now it’s a different thing. To quote the film Alien, “that fucking […]



This post continues my series looking at the implications on the film distribution and exhibition sector of the incredible changes brought about the war between Netflix and Amazon. Last week I heard from two different sources about how the Australian film market had shrunk by 30%. One was from a high-level distribution source and one from […]

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The New Film Festival Half-Life

In a recent interview I did with the Creative Capacity I waxed lyrical about the way in which the gears of the film distribution and exhibition sector were perhaps not running to the same speed as the production sector whose technical development has seen a revolution in quality, access, mobility, sound, colour, picture and cost. To […]

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